A History Built on Common Values

Lassonde Pappas is a North American leader in beverage manufacturing committed to customer and consumer satisfaction. From concept to shelf, Lassonde Pappas strives to provide the best in-class experience with category insights and innovative solutions.

Lassonde Pappas remains committed to our small town roots and rural values. Hardworking and caring are qualities that make Lassonde Pappas special. Since 1942, we’ve been producing delicious products for our customers.

  • Lassonde History


    Clement Pappas, the founder of Clement Pappas and Company, Inc., entered the food processing business with his two brothers, Christopher and James Pappas. After working in a cannery in Alabama for several years, the three brothers, all Greek immigrants, purchased land to grow tomatoes and other vegetables and eventually built their own cannery, processing the crops that they farmed.
  • Lassonde Factory


    The company, founded by Clement and his brothers, began processing cranberries and produced cranberry sauce for the first time
  • Lassonde Pappas Factory History


    The three brothers split up, as Clement wanted to expand the business while Christopher and James Pappas wanted to retire and return to Greece. Clement purchased the Mayhew and Husted Canning Factory in Cedarville, New Jersey, renaming it Clement Pappas & Company, Inc. The company specialized in processing local crops of cranberries, blueberries, tomatoes, asparagus and other vegetables.
  • Lassonde History


    After Clement's death, the reins were passed to his sons, Dean and Peter Pappas.
  • Lassonde Heritage


    Under the leadership of Dean and Peter, the Company began producing juices in glass bottles. Over the next 13 years, the business grew steadily and the Cedarville plant reached capacity in juice production.
  • Lassonde Factory


    Clement Pappas & Company continued its expansion by purchasing the former Seabrook Foods facility in Seabrook, N.J. and introducing state-of-the-art processing and bottling equipment. Over the next 25 years, Clement Pappas & Company established plants or processing facilities in Arkansas, North Carolina, Massachusetts, California and Maryland to service customers from coast to coast.
  • Clement Pappas


    Clement Pappas united with Lassonde Industries, a Canadian leader in branded and private label beverage manufacturing, and became a subsidiary; forming a leader in the North American market.
  • 2016

    The company rebranded to Lassonde Pappas & Company to reflect the harmonious development between Lassonde Industries and Clement Pappas.

Lassonde & Clement Pappas Union

Lassonde Pappas remains committed to its small town roots and rural values. Hardworking and caring are qualities that make Lassonde Pappas special. Since 1942, Lassonde Pappas has been producing delicious products for its customers.

Pierre-Paul Lassonde

Pierre-Pual Lassonde

“The combination brings together two leading fruit juice and drink manufacturers to form a leader in the North American market; one that will maintain its commitment to innovation, quality and integrity.”

Jean Gattuso

“Together, we have a very complementary and balanced business with a well-diversified product offering. By leveraging our strengths, we will be able to even better serve the existing and future needs of our customers.”

Our Mission & Vision



To fulfill our customer’s exclusive brand fruit and beverage category needs by:

  • Becoming the industry recognized leader in better for you and organics beverage products.
  • Provide complete portfolio of cost competitive and innovative products that cover the majority of consumer segments
  • Over delivering on customer expectations from a service, quality and product consistency perspective
  • Providing a comprehensive menu of value added services that will enable our customers to more strategically drive their beverage categories sales and margins
  • Exceed the expectations of our customers, employees and shareholders alike
  • Compliment our branded platform to fulfill our overall customer’s beverage needs

Our Family

Lassonde, Inc., founded in 1918, is a business that always strived to offer consumers the highest quality food products. Today, thanks to our five subsidiaries, Lassonde is a leader in each of our markets. To maintain that reputation and to ensure constant growth, our priority is innovation and prompt delivery of new products.

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