Our commitment to onboarding

We are provide a robust onboarding for all new employees joining the Lassonde Pappas Family. Your first day at Lassonde Pappas is the start of a rewarding experience and we ensure that new hires are exposed to all aspects of the business. We do our utmost to make our new team members feel welcomed and guide them during their onboarding.

Employee Pic


Accounting Technician

“I found the process to be amazing  and a first of its kind experience for me.  Everyone made me feel like I had been a member of the team for a long time.”

Employee Pic


Food Scientist

“I immediately felt at home, as if I belonged here.  Although the first two weeks were busy, the time scheduled to meet with various individuals around the office was helpful in getting to know people and create a bond.”

Our commitment to…

Employee Growth

Each employee of Lassonde Pappas has the opportunity to access our specialized Employee Training and Development Programs. Both programs are designed to elevate each individual’s growth potential with a robust online learning programing including LPC University, Alchemy, and Senior Leadership led Seminars.


Reimbursement through our Tuition Program nearly double the national average. We will reimburse eligible employees for tuition expenses paid to accredited schools, colleges, and universities. Additionally we offer scholarships to the dependents of our employees.


Every employee is responsible for achieving our key results. This is why we are committed to developing all of our employees with the goal of creating leaders in our organization. We have an aggressive internal promotion goal.

Our commitment to sustainability

We are committed to improving the sustainability within our communities and the environment as a whole.

We believe it’s important as an organization to minimize our impact on both natural and energy resources whenever possible. When it comes to our production/distribution facilities we are laser focused on determining economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources.