Cranberry Grower Spotlight

(Cindy, Patrick, James, Matthew and Jarrod Rhodes)

One of our largest and longest-standing cranberry supply agreements is with Edgewood Bogs of Carver, Massachusetts. A pastoral 800-acre farm consisting of a mix of heritage and newer variety cranberries, Edgewood Bogs is owned and operated by 3rd and 4th generation growers, the Rhodes family. Matt and Cindy, along with their sons, Patrick, Jarrod and James, are well-regarded for the quality of their fruit, as well as their commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Edgewood Bogs of Carver, Massachusetts has a very long and colorful history. The cranberry business happened by chance, as the 1st and 2nd generation of the Rhodes were deeply involved in running a lumber business, the Sharon Box & Lumber Company. While pulling timber off the land, they discovered wild cranberries growing beneath. They took the seemingly perfect opportunity and purchased more land for the cranberries, forming the Edgewood Trust Company. In 2005, Matt and Cindy purchased the company and changed the name to Edgewood Bogs LLC. “It has affected our family in every way imaginable,” Cindy revealed. “We all rely on one another to work in our respective areas.”

One of the first growers in Massachusetts to achieve GLOBALGAP certification, Edgewood can be trusted to comply with the highest standard in agricultural and horticultural standards. GLOBALGAP has encouraged the Rhodes family to work towards being the best of the best when it comes to sustainability and good agricultural practices.

Year after year, the Rhodes family takes specific measures to increase sustainability in their business practices. Although recycling and composting are rituals, they do much more to achieve their goals. From installing automated irrigation systems, to modern laser-leveled bogs (which require significantly less water during flooding), to using fuel-efficient diesel bog buggies, the Rhodes family is determined to conserve energy, water and fuel. Furthermore, their on-site solar array, a 45KW system, produces enough to significantly offset the energy usage, making their facilities nearly grid-neutral. With each action taken, the family has both the betterment of the business and environment in mind.

In addition to protecting and preserving the environment, Edgewood Bogs aims to help the community. “Each year, we ask our employees to choose a charity close to their hearts to receive a donation from Edgewood Bogs,” Cindy commented. “We also attend various local events to promotehealthy living, active lifestyles and awareness of sustainable farming practices.”

It’s an honor to work hand and hand with a company that is so focused on giving back to the environment and community. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Rhodes family and their Edgewood Bogs, in turn, providing our customers with excellent products made from their premium cranberries.


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Cranberry products are an integral part of Lassonde Pappas’ business. We source our cranberries directly from growers across the United States and overseas and have established long-lasting relationships with our growers, which makes it possible for us to deliver the highest-quality, best tasting cranberry juices and sauces and meet our customers’ needs.

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